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Saturday, May 16th, 2015

The Todd Marcus Orchestra at Jazzway 6004

The Todd Marcus Orchestra - Blues for Tahrir - 7:00 PM

6004 Hollins Ave
Baltimore Maryland 21210
USA 410-952-4528 or 410-624-2222
Price: $38/general-$20/students

Our first outdoor show at Jazzway 6004 featuring the Todd Marcus Orchestra performing pieces from his new work Blues for Tahrir

This concert is funded through a grant from the Maryland State Arts Council.


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Todd Marcus


Todd Marcus - bass clarinet

Greg Tardy - tenor sax

Brent Birckhead - flute/alto sax

Russell Kirk - alto sax

Alex Norris - trumpet

Jim McFalls - trombone

Elio Villafranca - piano  

Kris Funn – bass

Shareef Taher - drums

Jon Seligman - percussion

Irene Jalenti - vocal

2014 Baker Artist Award winner Todd Marcus will debut his new CD, Blues for Tahrir, in two sets at Jazzway 6004 at a special outdoor concert on May 16th from 7:30-9:30. The Baltimore bass clarinetist and composer has presented his jazz for over 10 years and along the way received accolades including the $25,000 Baker prize,  selections as a rising star by national jazz magazine Downbeat in its 2014 and 2013 annual critics poll, and an NPR pick for one of the top 10 albums of 2012.  But his newest album Blues for Tahrir is poised to make his biggest statement to date by setting Egypt’s Arab Spring movement to music in a fusion of jazz with Middle Eastern influences.

 “The album revolves around my Blues for Tahrir Suite,” Marcus explains.  “It began as just one piece of music when the Arab Spring movement started in Tahrir Square in Cairo in 2011 but as the demonstrations continued over the following years, I kept writing more music in response to the ongoing developments.” 

The sections of the suite bear out these diverse moods with titles including Protest, Reflections, Tears on the Square, and Adhan, the Arabic word for the call to prayer that sounds five times a day across loudspeakers at mosques in Islamic countries.


For Marcus, the son of an Egyptian immigrant father, the project stemmed from efforts to connect more deeply with his own heritage. “There wasn’t an Egyptian community around where I was raised,” Marcus shares of his New Jersey childhood, “but as I’ve gotten older, exploring Middle Eastern music has been a way for me to connect with my culture in my work.”

Marcus’s nine-piece jazz orchestra will

celebrate the album’s release with performances starting in Baltimore

 Marianne Matheny-Katz will also perform a song with

Marcus' group. Marcus arranged several of the tunes

on Matheny-Katz' 2014 CD "Somewhere in

Paradise" which has received much critical acclaim

and widespead air play.


Tickets are: $38/general, $33/BJA members

and $20/students. Tickets must be purchased on-

line, in advance.  You may also use our reservation

form and mail in a check.  But it must be received at

least 3 days before the concert. No tickets at the



Ticket (and reservation form) link:


All Tickets include all soft drinks, a raffle, and a

dessert, fruit and cheese buffet post-concert.

Saturday, June 13th, 2015

Jazzway's 8th Anniversary - The Warren Wolf Group with special guest Antonio Hart

Jazzway's 8th Anniversary - The Warren Wolf Group with special guest Antonio Hart - 8:00 PM

6004 Hollins Ave
Baltimore Maryland 21210
410-952-4528, 410-624-2222
Price: $38/general-$18/students

Jazzway's 8th Aniversay featuring Warren Wolf's group with special guest Antonio Hart

Details and tickets to be posted soon

Tickets prices: $38/general, $33/BJA members, $18/students

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